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“He has an absolutely fluent technique, and he puts it to good musical use, with effective but not overstated articulation, a natural rise and fall in the dynamics of the phrases, and a good feeling for the dance rhythms.”

(Fanfare magazine, USA 11,12/1990 )


“...that this interpretation could develop into a standard recording of Bach’s lute works.”

(ConcertoGermany 12/1990-01/1991)


“...very impressive Bach interpretation ...exceptionally clean in both areas, tone production as well as articulation.”

(Gramophon – UK 03/1991)


“...unique breadth of the conception, and beauty of the general line... his decisions concerning the harmony, tempo, articulation, and embellishments are certainly the most convincing and delightful among all the [Bach] recordings... masterful homage to the Thomaskantor.”

(Diapason - France 02/1992 )


“This performer’s playing is like wit: the wit of a precise, accomplished, polished mind. … The spirit of the plucked strings of the golden age reigns here.”

(Diapason – France 04/ 1995)


“Imamura’s confidence, underscored by his choice of forward-moving tempi, imbues these sonatas and also, strangely, the prelude and fugue, with a luminous quality”

(Le Monde de la Musique – France 12 /1997 )


“the listener perceives a richness of sound that is all the more alluring that this liveliness never overshadows sensitivity or the clarity of the counterpoint”

(Le Monde de la Musique – France 12 /1997 )


“… it is hardly surprising that Yasunori Imamura is an extremely sought-after soloist”

(le dauphine, France – France 13 / 5 / 2000 )


“Yasunori Imamura cultivates a subtle rhythmic freedom, following the harmonic tensions as much as the dancer’s steps”

(« Diapason d’Or » Award // Diapason – France 07-08 /2006 )


“The rhetoric is bold, the tempi often lively, the dynamic range extremely rich…”

(« Diapason d’Or » Award // Diapason – France 07-08 /2006 )


“Eschewing the “atmospheric” style of playing, Imamura dares to be extroverted without becoming superficial, his sound blossoming around a solid structure. He restores to these sonatas something of the brilliance of a master musician who was admired by all of Europe. And that includes Bach.”

(« Diapason d’Or » Award // DiapasonFrance 07-08 /2006 )


“Yasunori Imamura is an accomplished musician: he has a fine sound, beautiful cantabile in the upper lines, true virtuosity and a subtle ear for harmony.”

( Le Monde de la Musique – France 07-08 / 2006 )


"Le Joker de Crescendo"

 9-10/2008 Crescendo in Belgium

Pizzicato in Luxembourg



"Diapason d'Or"

7-8/ 2006 Diapason in France



" 4 Etoiles "

12/1997 Le Monde de la Musique in France


" 5 Diapasons"

 4/ 1995 Diapason in France